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Edmonton's just one goal-n-ator short of the cup • 2013 Years Old • Male
Yeah, yeah, Ottawa is behind to an American team, but the link below is the front page news (at least at C N N and E S P N). I guess that it is what's important! http://www.cnn.com/2007/EDUCATION/05/31/spelling.bee.ap/index.html Only second Place! Anything but gold is a disgrace. We better form some committees to re-evaluate our national program. What’s CanSpell doing with all of their fun... Read More »
I posted this as a little reply in Tim Panaccio's "On Heidi, Barbaro and the Sabres-Rangers" but my little reply kept growing until I felt that I should post it as a blog and see if I could spark some discussion. ----------------------------------------------- Canadian fan here with some thoughts. I can't say that I disagree with anything Tim wrote about attracting new fans to the sport... Read More »

Trash talking & Bad Jokes

Posted April 16, 2007
So, I’m a born and raised Edmontonian that moved to Calgary 10 years ago to work in the oil patch. Living in the heart of the enemy‘s city hasn’t been easy, but for the most part the Oiler & Eskimo’s have done as well or better than their Red Rivals…. That is up until this year. My defending grey cup champion Eskimos ended a consecutive playoff streak that spanned 34 years. This... Read More »


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