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Playoff predictions.

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Here's the predictions I made on my own blog. Just thought I'd share with you guys.

Well folks, it's that time of year again. Time for the 2007 playoffs. This years match ups are quite interesting and should provide some exciting hockey. Despite the amazing race in the east, the west has to have the tightest match ups. So seeing as I think I'm a know it all of hockey, and should replace Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada, here's my playoff predictions. The numbers in parentheses is the where that team ranks in the conference.

Eastern Conference Quarter-finals (First round):

Buffalo Sabres (1) vs. New York Islanders (8)

The Islanders squeaked in by using their 3rd string goaler. This is a team that works hard, and despite having two on the most selfish players in the game (Yashin and Satan) really display what a "team effort" is. Problem with this is that they're meeting up with the top team in the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres also display a "team effort" just as good, if not better, then the Isles. The Sabres can also score out of the wazoo. So I say Sabres in 5.

New Jersey Devils (2) vs. Tampa Bay Lightening (7)

I love the Lightening. I think the world of The Big Three on this team (Lecavalier, St-Louis and Richards) but the Lightening have three problems going into this series. Problem #1 and #2 are their goalers. They are too inconsistent. Problem #3 is that they're playing against Marty Brodeur. I say Devils in 5, with Lecavalier starting showing why he will be the Hart trophy winner in 2008.

Atlanta Thrashers (3) vs. New York Rangers (6)

This is Atlanta's first time in the playoffs and it will be a short one. The Rangers, more specifically Jagr, is focused. I say Rangers in 5 with total domination.

Ottawa (4) vs. Pittsburgh (5)

Mark my words, this will be the most entertaining series of the playoffs. Both teams can score lots of goals and I think it will come down to if Marc-Andre Fleury can save the last shot in order to win. I don't think he can. The Pens will be dominant, but not this year. Senafags in 7.

Eastern Conference Semi-finals (2nd round):

Buffalo Sabres (1) vs. New York Rangers (6):

Buffalo will have a tougher time with this New York team, but will come out on top. I think the Sabres have too much offense for the Rangers (surprisingly good) D. Sabres (or Gaybres, how I like to call them) in 6.

New Jersey Devils (2) vs. Ottawa Senators (4):

There's always one series during the playoffs where I think, this is too tight to call, but the winner will go to the finals. In 2004 I thought the same for the Canucks/Flames series and the Flames went to the finals. Last year I thought to myself it would have been the Sabres and Sens series and the Sabres would have had they not been so beat up. This year this is the series. I almost had to flip a coin on this one. I can see either team winning this one so I can't really make a prediction here. What I will do is make predictions on what would happen if either team advances.

Eastern Conference Final:

Buffalo Sabres (1) vs. New Jersey Devils (2) or Ottawa Senators (4)

If the Sens play the Sabres they have something big to prove after last year. Plus they've had the Sabres number all year.

If the Devils play the Sabres, well I just think too highly of Brodeur to think he can't pull it off. I think the Sabres can't handle the pressure right now, and like every great team, has to be crushed in the playoffs a few times before becoming great.

Western Conference Quarter-finals:

Detroit Red Wings(1) vs. Calgary Flames(8):

I could care less about this series. I hate both teams. But they both have amazing goaltending. Still, I think Calrgary's physical pressence is too much for the Wings. The way I look at this, Calgary is too damn good at home, and if it goes to 7, they will win all their home games. So all they have to do is win one on the road. Whereas Detroit needs to win at least 2 in Calgary to win this series and it won't happen. I hate to say this but Flames in 7

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. Minnesota Wild (7):

A lot of people are saying Minnesota is a sleeper team. I said so as well until I knew they'd be playing the Ducks. The Ducks have been average lately but will show up focused. I say Ducks in 6.

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. Dallas Stars (6):

This will be a battle between 2 defensive teams. Everyone knows the Canucks are my team, but I really think they can take this series. This the match up I wanted. I think Turco will choke again and Luongo will shine in his first playoff appearance. Canucks in 6

Nashville Predators (4) vs. San Jose Sharks (5):

This could be an exciting series as well, but I have a feeling that the Preds are spent. They're missing Steve Sullivan, and Forsberg has not been playing that well since being traded there. Also the Sharks are rolling, especially Thornton and Cheechoo. I say Sharks in 5.

Western Conference Semi-finals:

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. Calgary Flames (8):

The Ducks will roll over the Flames like they did last year. Even though I predict Iginla will shine against the Wings, he will be shut down by Pronger and Niedermayer. Ducks in 6.

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. San Jose Sharks (5):

I love my Canucks, and think they can go places if they can avoid 2 teams. Unfortunately San Jose is one of the teams I fear. Anaheim is the second. Even though the Canucks beat the Sharks in overtime on Saturday, the Sharks are still too physical for my beloved Sharks. I say Sharks in 6.

Western Conference Final:

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. San Jose Sharks (5):

The battle of Cali. The OC vs. The Bay Area. Defense vs. Offense. Both teams have great goalers. Both teams can play physical. This series will be hella good. I say the Sharks win. This team has been on the verge of greatness for awhile and now it's their time. Sharks in 7.

Stanley Cup Finals prediction:

Remember I couldn't pick a straight out winner in the east so here's two break downs.

If the Sens make it......

Ottawa Senators vs. San Jose Sharks:

Sharks win. Their offense is just too good for the Sens. Thornton, Cheechoo and Marleau will light them up. It will be the Sharks in 6. Conn Smyth winner will be Thornton, with Emery a close second.

If the Devils make it......

New Jersey Devils vs. San Jose Sharks:

New Jersey will give San Jose, specifically Thornton and Cheechoo fits. Brodeur will put on a clinic if they end up in the finals. I say Devils in 5 with Brodeur getting the Conn Smythe.

Well there's my predictions folks. As you can see it's just too damn tight to call a straight up winner.
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