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Hockey Moms

Posted October 18, 2007
Listening to the talkcast with EK's mom today brought up a great memory of my mom, who was a great hockey mom. Before my brother and I started playing, my mom had no interest whatsoever in hockey. Once my brother and I laced up the skates, my mom became a fan. Well at least a fan of my brother and I. I was more of a rabid NHL fan then my brother was, and actually cheered for a team. Being a fan of... Read More »

Playoff predictions.

Posted April 15, 2007
Here's the predictions I made on my own blog. Just thought I'd share with you guys. Well folks, it's that time of year again. Time for the 2007 playoffs. This years match ups are quite interesting and should provide some exciting hockey. Despite the amazing race in the east, the west has to have the tightest match ups. So seeing as I think I'm a know it all of hockey, and should replace Don Che... Read More »