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Svitov to Play in Russia

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Last Friday the Bluejackets got a big surprise. Alexander Svitov had signed an 3 year deal with Avangard Omsk of the RSL. This was after he inked a 2 year extension with the Bluejackets in July.
This really throws a wrench into Hitchcock's plans for the team this year. Up until Hitchcock took over, Svitov never really reached his viewed potential. Once Hitch took over though, Svitov appeared to have a fire lit under his butt and became a hard hitting, grinding forward that pleased Hitchcock and was apparently pencilled in at 2nd line center.
I read that apparently the Russians had been riding Svitov hard this summer wanting him to stay. Obviously it worked. The question I have now is, can Columbus go back on Omsk for forcing a breach of contract? It would seem only 'fair' seeing as they (the RSL) have tried, unsuccessfully mind you, in the past to gain retribution for loss of players to the NHL. The difference here is, there is not a 'loop hole' that the players can use to get out of their contracts with NHL teams. Am I wrong in that thinking?
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