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Woodstock, ON • Canada •
Yesterday I came across an article from the Asssociated Press regarding Jordan Staal and how he's embarrassed about his incident in the offseason. As well he should be.

However, what struck me as odd was that Mr. Bettman and the NHL have chosen not to issue any further discipline on him or Eric for their off ice behaviour. Nor are they going to levee any further discipline on Jay Bowmeester for his DUI.

After weighing in with is rip off of the NFL commissioner's speech about how the NHL is going to hold it's players accountable for their off ice behaviour because playing in the NHL is a privilage and the subsequent 15 game suspension of Bell for his actions from last off season I had hopes that Bettman would continue to follow through with similar actions in these cases. I realize that that the Staal incident pales in comparison to that of Bell's, however, Boumeester was fortunate not to have caused any harm to anyone.

By opting not to further punish these players similar to that in the nature of Bell (suspensions), it would indicate to me that Mr. Bettman has a different set of rules for the 'top tier' players. Bouwmeester has lost his license to drive (in Canada only?) due to his incident. He should receive a 15 game similar to that of Bell. The Staals should probably get a few games, with Jordan maybe getting an additional game for the underage drinking. Sure they are in stage 1 of the alcohol program, but, that's not even a slap on the wrist as far as I'm concerned.

The message that Mr. Bettman seemed to be trying to get across with Bell was that the league will hold all players accountable for their actions both on and office. Now that message seems to be the NHL will hold all players accountable for their on and off ice actions unless your a 'top tier' player.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Bell suspension was 'window dressing' given what was going on in the other leagues, but I had hoped that was not the case and that players would be held accountable for their actions.
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