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"Flames 09"
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Disturbing Trend....

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Well, it happened. Why is it the Flames always find a way to do this? They came out like gangbusters and managed to lose the game, in what became the biggest comeback in league history. I'm not going to say I knew they'd blow the 5-0 lead, but one thought did cross my mind after the fifth goal - "Is five goals enough for the flames?" Just as I thought 3 goals wasn't enough against edmonton last week. Turns out it wasn't and as Flames fans it's pretty accurate to say we're used to this and it won't be the last time. Maybe we need a 10 goal lead before it's actually safe.

I don't understand how a hockey team doesn't learn their lesson and figure out that it takes 60 minutes to win a hockey game. Not 8 minutes like game 1 against Van, or 5 minutes last night in Chicago. It seems this team, as Brent Sutter alluded to, has some mental toughness issues it needs to work through. Also, leadership is something that has been surprisingly lacking since the lockout. We all know how good a leader Jarome is, but with all the talent and leadership on this team, it's a department that's sorely needs improvement. Darryl all but admitted this when he fired Keenan and brought in Brent.

Phaneuf, for all his offensive resurgence, still has issues in his own end, Regehr is off to a slow start by his standards, and where oh where is Olli Jokinen? The best players so far have been the grinders and Kipper has stood on his head. Perhaps some of the habits picked up from the Keenan regime are still stuck and will take a lot more time than once thought to dissipate. All we can hope, is that this works as an early wakeup call, and the players can put it behind them quickly and move on.

Luckily it's still early, and we're still 4-1-1, but this is all proof that being a Calgary Flames fan is very frustrating and takes a lot of patience and loyalty.
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