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Same Old Story?

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While maybe not as dramatic as last night, this hockey game was basically the same story. Came out hard and physical and got the all to familiar lead in the first period, only to slowly back off and allow the Jackets back into the hockey game. Missed passes, giveaways, lazy defensive zone play, and penalties spelled the end. Kipper stood on his head again, but the guy needed some support. Langkow is off to his worst start as a Flame, as he can't seem to get a handle on the puck, and Iginla and Jokinen have yet to inspire much confidence for a first line combination. A frustrating game to watch, as it seemed like in the final 2 periods the Flames were moving in slow motion. Still can't seem to figure out this defensive system thats being put in place, as they look remarkably similar to last years team. Without a couple of lucky bounces against the oilers, this team is probably 2-3-2 (depending on the overtime outcome in game 2). Sobering thoughts on a team thats supposed to be a contender. The Flames have been badly outshot, and outplayed 3 games in a row now, and have a couple days to shore up their insufficiencies, before a big home date with the Vancouver Canucks.

On a positive side, some players did come to play tonight. Among the Flames who showed up for more than a period, were Rene Bourque, who always seems to bring it no matter what, and he always seems to be around the puck. Mark Giordano also played well and was by far the best defenceman on the ice for the Flames.

To quote Darryl Sutter, "The proof is in the pudding." Fridays game ought to be interesting.
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October 15, 2009 5:33 PM ET | Delete
I saw the title of your blog and knew right away it was about the Flames.
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