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KGB: Rink Date 05-29-07

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I got a fever and the only prescription is less time off during rounds. Too much time off NHL, as much as I like watching games from the warmth of my garage, who needs the extra Mr. Edwards beard growing contest. The Niedermayer's look like Victor French and Mary Kate and Ashley French already. No need for them trying to be Merlin Olsen.

I like Ottawa in game two, why, because I said so. Senators haven't lost two in a row in regulation since Dec 19 and 21. And we'll toss in OT Christmas shopping for the reason why they dropped those two. The Senators are a juggernaut and they shall prevail, write that down. They are way too good, and Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson look to duplicate the feat of Stemkowski, Pappin and Pulford, last linemates to finish 1-2-3 in playoff scoring.

I can't believe that crap I read about Emery after game one. Anaheim figured him out? No they didn't. They exploited a non-interested Ottawa defence in period three. Emery is fine, Anaheim will be lucky to get two by him on Wednesday.

TV Time Out. Not brought to you by NBC because they aren't bringing you game one and two of the SC Final, because they are busy with a horse race pre-game show.

I love CSI:MIami, but why does Calle "Johanssen" wear something inappropriate to every murder scene, and have an answer for everything, is always right, never apologizes and always has a hollier than thou righteous message???????????? She has to be the most annoying character in TV history, we need less of her, and more of Bona Vista or Frank, he's funny and direct. Frank rules.

The Nashville Predators are moving, their lease has been bought out. Hamilton or Vegas for 2008, not KC.

Two words on why you should cheer for Ottawa in the Cup final, Elgin Fraser. Write that down. Check out James Duthie's piece on TSN.ca on the little fella.

I'm a die hard Leafs fan, but after I saw the Elgin Fraser video, all I have to say is, Go Sens Go.

Hear you go Ducks fans on what I have to say nicely about your team. I actually can't comment, I don't want Chris Pronger to get suspended. Sorry. JS Giguere is great, Perry and Getzlaf would never blame the Canadian media for anything. That's why I like Ottawa in six. Getzlaf and Perry will get Anaheim another win and not blame anyone, I guess Pronger has watched the South Park movie too many times instead of asking himself, "what would Brian Boitano do".


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