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KGB: Quick Takes

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Some random thoughts to ponder before my official 09/10 return on Monday.

The name Redfield T. Baum is becoming legendary like Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Both for the wrong reasons. My take on both, move the Coyotes for the Love of God, and Buck Weaver, only innocent man 90 years ago of the eight. Re-Instate Buck.

Marc Savard assisted on 22 of Phil Kessel's 36 goals last year. Which once again brings me to, two thoughts.....Prepare to write this down, or not, it's pre-season.

Savard should have been invited to Canada's camp for the orientation. The dude is top five in assists since the lock out, he deserves the invite.

At least Savard said all the right things and hopes to have a great start to the season and make the team. I concur, Savard to Heatley has a nice ring to it (neither will make the first line of (Crosby-Nash-Iginla).

This makes a nice segway to patriotism. It was 25 years ago (1984 Canada Cup) that Bryan Trottier made himself known as the greatest traitor ever to Canadian hockey.
I remember in 1981, I was 8, my dad bought me a Trottier, Canada jersey (Canada Cup) and showed me The Hockey News magazine on Trottier in his native Saskatchewan with the Stanley Cup and saying he was a true Canadian. Boy was that article wrong. But to my dads defence (and THN), my dad was born and bred in Scotland and just came to Canada a few years prior. But then again, my dad never pretended to be English.

Say what you will about Brett Hull, Adam Deadmarsh and even Paul Stastny. At the end of the day, the biggest traitor to Canadian hockey, has been, and probably will always be, Bryan Trottier in 1984.

Back to present day.

Mike Comrie is back with the Oilers, another BRICK savings miracle

Geez I hope Jason Allison has spent two years in power skating.

Rod Bironas missed a field goal while I typed this.

Is Nick Swisher the most annoying (I"m in love with myself) player in sports today?

Inglorious Basterds is the best movie of the year.


C Ya Monday........Write That Down
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