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I'll be honest, I've never really been one to look at the nhl numbers closely, but this season is different. We have Tomas Plekanec who is an upcoming UFA, and we have very little cap room to re-sign him. Word around the water cooler is that he'll be looking for 4.5-6 Million for 5 years. Problem with that is with all the money being freed up in the offseason, the habs are only left with 15 million, and resigning Plekanec would eat up 1/3 of that amount. On Top of this, we have both Halak and Price to resign in the offseason, who both together, are costing us about 1.5 Million this year. I think they'll both be looking for a little more change this time around. If we can get either for 3 million, it's a bargain. So theoretically, if we resign both at 3, we are left with 4 million to resign everyone else.

This is where it gets harder, because there's also Marc-Andre Bergeron who will be a UFA come July 1st, he who in many ways replaced Markov in his absence, and many teams will be looking at him. The longer the habs wait to resign him, the more he'll be demanding.

All of this to say, that I'm expecting a move before the upcoming trade deadline, they will have to get rid of some of that salary so they can resign certain key players in the offseason.

Is it possible that Hamrlik is on his way out of the town? What about Spacek? He who has left Montreal fans rather uninspired with his peformances. It's also to say, if we bundle one of those defensemen with Halak, what kind of player could we get in return. I guess time will tell.
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