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"All Habs, All The Time."
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Montreal and the upcoming offseason.

Posted January 16, 2010
I'll be honest, I've never really been one to look at the nhl numbers closely, but this season is different. We have Tomas Plekanec who is an upcoming UFA, and we have very little cap room to re-sign him. Word around the water cooler is that he'll be looking for 4.5-6 Million for 5 years. Problem with that is with all the money being freed up in the offseason, the habs are only left with 15 millio... Read More »


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The Montreal Canadiens, It's been a life long affair, ever since I was a little boy growing up and watching Patrick Roy lift that Stanley Cup over his head.

Most Hated Teams

Toronto Maple Leafs, I've always just disliked them. The philosophy is big bucks in Toronto.

Favorite Players

Current player: Rick Nash, he's been keeping Columbus afloat for ages.Of all time: Maurice Richard, the passion of this man won't be seen again in this sport.

Most Hated Players

Sean Avery, very simple.

Best Hockey Memories

The raising of the 24th Stanley Cup banner to the top of the forum. The Closing of the Forum was pretty memorable as well.

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The Funployees of the View Askew Street Hockey League

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Hmm, that's a tough one. I'm slow, but I'm big and tall and have no problem getting in front of the goalie, I also pass and shoot very well. Come to your own conclusions on that one.

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