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Even when including pre-season and playoff games, a pro hockey team generally uses its home arena for no more than sixty dates in a season thus leaving 300 or more days a year available for each building to host countless other events of all kinds. While many of those dates are filled by other indoor sports or entertainment bookings, these multipurpose arenas also host a variety of other less traditional events and/or appearances. Can you identify each of the pro hockey arenas which have each also uniquely hosted the groups of events and/or appearances, both ordinary and extraordinary, in the following lists?

A) A successful Presidential nomination; a mock Presidential nomination; both an “actual” Rocky Balboa fight and an Olympic boxing tournament; Billy Goldthorpe, Willie O’Ree and Howie Young; Richard M. Nixon; and a NASA sponsored competition for robots...

B) The Pope; Richard Nixon; four Presidential nominating conventions; the world premier of a major ballet; Henry Kissinger; and two weeks of performances by the Metropolitan Opera Company...

C) The funeral of a famous Texas oil man and South American cattle baron; classical pianist and onetime Prime Minister of Poland Ignancy Paderewski; six-day bicycle races; Sonja Henie; a Presidential birthday party; and the "assassination" of a Vice-Presidential candidate

D) A Presidential birthday party; Liberace; Sonja Henie; and hundreds of refugees from a nuclear accident...

E) The funeral of a famous assassinated politician; Sonja Henie; organist Virgil Fox; and an NFL championship football game....

F) Army-Navy Football; a Gene Tunney-Jack Dempsey title fight; a successful Presidential nomination; annual pre-dawn eating contests (drawing 20,000 people); the funeral of a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame; but never Sonja Henie.
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