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Move Along...

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With the trade deadline just over a week away, there will no doubt be an altered Leafs lineup next Thursday when the team visits the Capitals. Here is my take on the most talked about Leafs and whether they should stay or go.

Jason Blake: He's playing very well this season, but his contract and attitude make him an anchor. I'd like to see him moved, but it's looking impossible at this point. One thing I've noticed is that Blake depends on his teammates in order to play well, he's been lucky enough to play on a line with Moore this season, which has helped inflate his numbers from last season. I don't like his selfish attitude, just the other night when Kubina's shot hit him on the back side and went in the net, he made sure Kubina, the referees and everyone in the building knew that he had scored the goal. Nothing would surprise me though, I could see a team like Florida or even Minnesota taking a chance on him at the deadline, with his numbers this season, the Leafs should be able to get a 3rd round pick in return.

Alex Ponikarovsky: He's a decent winger and definitely a team player. He seems to be burned out playing with the Leafs the last few years, but I believe there is still a market for him, and I'd be surprised to see him suit up for the Leafs on March 5th. Ponikarovsky should get the Leafs at least a couple of picks, 2nd and a 4th should do the trick. Teams I could see him going to are Pittsburgh, Florida or Minnesota.

Nik Antropov:
I'm going to go out on a limb and guarantee that Antropov will be traded by 3pm on March 4th. One of the better forwards available at the deadline, Burke will not have a shortage of calls for Antropov. Is he worth a first round pick? That's debatable, and I would say no, but the Leafs will receive a first round pick for him anyways. The deadline is a bidding war, if Antropov is worth a 2nd round pick, someone will definitely offer that, but the next team that wants him will have to up the ante, someone will give in here and give up a first. Teams I see him possibly joining: Calgary, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Pittsburgh or San Jose.

Matt Stajan: Matt Stajan is no doubt having a career year, he's on pace for a 60 point season. But that doesn't mean we trade him away. He's only 24 years old, he will be a fixture on this team for years to come and I don't see him going anywhere. I'm going to take some heat for this, but Stajan would be one of my choices to be the next captain of this team. He's staying put.

Dominic Moore: He is no doubt one of the more underrated players in the league. He is responsible for the improved play of many players on the team and can also be a good leader. Given that I would say keep him. However, he is a pending UFA and is also 28 years old. If Burke can't get him under contract by the deadline, he will undoubtedly trade him. The Leafs could command at least a 2nd round pick for Moore.

Tomas Kaberle: Despite what Burke has said, I believe Kaberle will be traded by the deadline. Burke is just making it known to GM's that he is not desperate to trade him and so they will have to offer up a great deal to get him. It's the deadline and teams will give in. The Leafs will get a 1st round pick and a prospect for Kaberle.

Pavel Kubina: He will not be traded by the time the deadline rolls along. Kubina doesn't want to leave and it doesn't look like he will waive his NTC. He's really taking his chances here since the Leafs can trade him anywhere this summer, barring of course a miraculous playoff appearance. Unlike Fletcher last season, Burke will have no problem trading Kubina in the summer and I believe he will do so at the draft.

Mike Van Ryn: His injuries have anchored him to the team. I don't believe he will be traded by the deadline, but he could very well be traded in the offseason.

Vesa Toskala: This one could go either way. Many factors here, is there a market? do the Leafs want to go the rest of the season with Pogge/Joseph? Toskala could likely be had for a 2nd round pick, the only teams I can see making that trade are the Red Wings and the Capitals.

With that all said, the Leafs should be able to regain some lost draft picks at the deadline. I expect them to get at least 1 first round pick, and about three 2nd round picks.

Rumour Roundup

Todays rumours:

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Gillis confident that the Sedins will re-sign in Vancouver - http://www.prosportsdaily...resign-sedins-206405.html

The Capitals are interested in Chris Pronger, Derek Morris, and Jordan Leopold, they are also hoping to relieve themselves of Michael Nylander - http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/was090224.html
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