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Hockey Totems Revealed

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To make a long story short, for those who have not seen the summer blockbuster Inception (which I highly recommend you do), a totem is an object that separates reality from dream. The totem distinguishes reality from dream because it takes on different characteristics in a dream state. Therefore, if the owner of the totem knows their totem well enough, they should be able to distinguish dream from reality just by looking at it or holding it.

We've seen the different totems used by the characters in the movie, but how about some of the never before seen totems in the hockey world?

Not everyone is strong enough to distinguish between dream and reality though. For example, Brian Burke easily navigated his way through Darryl Sutter’s dream and was able to successfully perform inception.

Carey Price's totem is a light bulb. He keeps it with him at all times. When the light is flashing red, he can breathe a sigh of relief...he's in reality.

Adam Burish actually had a pretty cool totem, but Chris Pronger stole it.

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