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1) Ray Emery - Wants to prove to teammates, organization and rest of league he can be a bonafide #1 goalie.

2) Joe Thornton - Can he lead his team? Can he be the leader Boston wanted him to be? Thornton wants to be the man to carry his team.

3) Wade Dubielewicz - Call me crazy, but he has a lot to prove. Career minor leaguer with a chance to put his talent on display in the playoffs.

4) Daniel Alfredsson - Alfie has played in every single Senators playoff game. The Senators captain would love to bring a cup to Ottawa and would love to prove to everyone he is capable of this.

5) Pavel Datsyuk - Signed a huge 7 year deal. His post season production is atrocious. Hasn't scored a goal in forever in the playoffs. Easily makes the top 10 list. Needs to validate his massive deal.

6) Tim Conolly - Hasn't played since Peter Shaefer knocked him out cold. Can he step into Buffalo line up and not affect the chemistry? Needs to prove to himself and teammates that he is symptom free and good to go.

7) Sidney Crosby - Already the best player in the league, easily the most dynamic. Would love to be able to parlay his amazing regular season into the playoffs. The playoffs are another beast, can he prove to be the same great player at such a young age?

8) Marty Turco - 8-14 career playoff record. Has great regular seasons, but can't seem to parlay into a long playoff run. Needs to prove to his teammates that he can be the man in the big D.

9) Todd Bertuzzi - Has hardly played the last two years. Acquired at deadline by the Wings. Wants to be an impact player like he once was and has the chance to prove that with the winged wheel.

10) Marian Hossa - Led the Thrash to the playoffs, now needs to prove he can perform in the playoffs and take them on a deep run.
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11) Roberto Luongo
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thought about him...but I think he has shown well in big international games...but a valid #11
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Hossa and Kovi definitely have something to prove. They need to prove their readiness and eagerness to demand the highest grade of hockey the two of them can play for their team over the next week or so. I think Wade has already done a lot of proving and anything else from here on out is icing on the cake. Luongo definitely has more to prove although he's proven so much already. Turco has the MOST to prove I think, given his history.
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