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Well, game three is over and the Sens showed a lot of gumption and dominated the game. After allowing a goal in the first minute, Ray Emery settled down and made some huge saves at key times. He didn't get a lot of work, but he was there when needed. The Sens played a physical game holding a 29-22 advantage in the hit department. A lot of the role players for Ottawa had big games. Christoph Schubert, made an impact in his eight minutes of ice time. He took a penalty on a hit on Robert Scuderi with 3:07 to play. Some will say it was dirty and dangerous, but Roberts has been hitting the Sens D like this all series and quite frankly this type of play (hard play on the edge) is exactly what people say the Senators don't do, well Schubert did it and good for him. Kelly, Neil, Fisher and other role players also played hard minutes. All good signs for us Sens fans.

Now on another note, I am glad we won by 2 goals as Daniel Alfredsson was clearly offside on his 4th goal. I am surprised CBC didn't catch this. Again, luckily it was a 2 goal spread and the offside didn't play as big a role. See photo.

Hopefully the Sens can repeat this performance and continuing dominating the Pens in the series.

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