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Well first off i woke today and read that : Patrick O'Sullivan, Ethan Moreau & Robert Nillson were all placed on waivers today and Mr.Lebrun from ESPN just confirmed they have been bought out.Now I don't have exact numbers but Patty was a Cap hit of $2.95Mil and Moreau & Bobby were both $2Mil so thats about $7 mil of dead wood gone don't get me wrong they're all better hockey players then me but just no longer needed on this rebuilding team. So now that i've got that out lets look and what's going on as of July 1st settle down all of your armchair gm's there is next to NO chance of a Kovi coming to Edmonton nor do I want him. Let me explain 1st off he wouldn't come here if we tossed him the keys to Katz house and the whole Rexall Empire way too much for a player. 2nd Our New Gm Mr.Tambellini realizes that great teams are built through the draft and not Free Agency we're more than one Dynamic left-winger away from winning. As I see it With the little bit of cap these buyouts save us we should be targeting Two UFA D-men.No Not Gonchar or any D-man on the wrong side of 30 I believe that two guys they should have a look at Is Dan"The Hammer" Hamuis and Zybenek Michalek both these guys are shot blockers and in there mid to late 20's the sad things is these guys are both 2.5 to 3Mil players but since the horrible UFA Class they will probably get 4Mil Plus. But if we sign a few cheap stop gap players for the next year year or two we can use the next two drafts to finally right this ship but it should be interesting IN TAMBELLINI WE TRUST!
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