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Or so Marty York said today in the Metro freebee. I didn’t even need a morning coffee after reading that headline. Wide awake, I almost screamed out loud ‘Wait a Minute!’ But given that York might have some personal insight into being “on the decline” I persisted.

York states the obvious by writing that Brodeur is a future Hall of Famer but concludes “he isn’t the same goaltender he used to be.” Well, you’ve got that right Marty!

Compared to years past, this year has been different indeed. Brodeur played more games this year than in any other previous year, had his 2nd best season as far as save percentage, more shutouts this year than any other and had a 2.18 goals against average.

Oh, ya, and I think he broke a 33 year old record held by Bernie Parent by winning 48 games over Parents 47 and this behind what most pundits say is a weakened blueline (No Niedermayer, no Stevens and no Danyko!) Clearly a goalie in the “twilight of his career” Marty!

Admittedly Brodeur is now letting some shots by he once would have turned aside but to say he is “clearly on the decline” is ridiculous. Curtis Joseph is clearly on the decline. Ed Belfour is clearly on the decline. Brodeur has several years before anybody should even begin thinking about mentioning him being “clearly on the decline.” It's unfortunate that Brodeur played for New Jersey (sorry Devils fans but not unfortunate for you!) and not any Canadian team instead. If he had then he would be a legend in Canada. These accomplishments warrant more respect than he received from York.

2006-7 Played in NHL All-Star

2005-6 NHL - Second All-Star Team

2003-4 NHL - Vezina Trophy (Goaltender of the Year)

2003-4 NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)

2003-4 NHL - First All-Star Team

2003-4 Played in NHL All-Star

2002-3 Stanley Cup (New Jersey)

NHL - Vezina Trophy (Goaltender of the Year)

NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against) (shared with Cechmanek, Phi and Esche, Phi)

2002-03 NHL - First All-Star Team

2002-03 Played in NHL All-Star

2001-02 Olympic Gold Medal (2002-CAN)

2000-01 Played in NHL All-Star

1999-00 Stanley Cup (New Jersey)

1999-00 Played in NHL All-Star

1998-99 Played in NHL All-Star

1997-98 NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against)

1997-98 NHL - Second All-Star Team

1997-98 Played in NHL All-Star

1996-97 NHL - William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against) (shared with Mike Dunham)

1996-97 NHL - Second All-Star Team

1996-97 Played in NHL All-Star

1995-96 Played in NHL All-Star

1994-95 Stanley Cup (New Jersey)

1993-94 NHL - Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie of the Year)

1993-94 NHL - All-Rookie Team

1991-92 QMJHL - Second All-Star Team

Admittedly though, York might have more personal insight into the signs of decline than I.

Why the heck was he so unceremoniously let go from Sportsnet anyway?
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April 27, 2007 9:46 AM ET | Delete
I don't know his glove hand seems to be on the decine!!!!!GO SENS GO!!!!
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