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Or so Marty York said today in the Metro freebee. I didn’t even need a morning coffee after reading that headline. Wide awake, I almost screamed out loud ‘Wait a Minute!’ But given that York might have some personal insight into being “on the decline” I persisted. York states the obvious by writing that Brodeur is a future Hall of Famer but concludes “he isn’t the same goalten... Read More »

Rage against the Substance!!

Posted April 25, 2007
A blog isn't journalism. However, if you're a professional commenting on an issue in your area of expertise then you should be held to a higher standard, even in a blog. Jim Kelley fails in this respect in his Sportsnet.ca blog "The Dope on Suspensions", (http://www2.sportsnet.ca/blogs/jim_kelley/2007/04/23/the_dope_on_suspensions/#comments ). I wish he was just being lazy but he also sold out... Read More »

Why the Sens win the Cup!?!

Posted April 23, 2007
While I might be a Leaf fan, I'm first and foremost a hockey fan and believe the Senators have the game to win the Cup. After watching the first round they simply look like past teams, with similar chemistry and depth, that have won the Cup. More specifically though: Leadership The leader is finally being a leader. After years of justifiably being the fan’s whipping boy in Ottawa, criti... Read More »

Leafs Nation and No Nations

Posted April 20, 2007
I am not going to apology for splitting hairs over the use of Nation when describing the fans of certain NHL teams or the co-opting of the term for profit. No, I won’t because I’m Canadian and we’ve been splitting nations and attempting to sew them back together, and to the larger fabric, since our inception. For those of you reading this in Canada I realize invoking the term ‘nation�... Read More »


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