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Here is more evidence that hockey players are the best poop-talkers in all of sports.

While I believe that both sides need to make concessions in order to reach a fair deal, you have to give Ian White some credit for speaking his mind and not holding back. White's comments are blowing up Twitter (to the extent that hockey can blow up Twitter). I'd like to see a NHL rep get drunk tonight and respond on Twitter calling White "greedy" or "an ungrateful peasant" to make matters worse and hopefully make Bettman realize a two-week break only leads to more sassy comments and no progress.

Everyone on HockeyBuzz has their own opinions on what needs to happen for a fair deal, so here are my brief takes on a few hot topics:
1. 50-50 revenue split
2. No salary rollbacks, make owners suffer for dumb contracts
3. No more stashing, "stache-ing" since its Movember, players with large contracts in the minors. See, "Redden, Wade."
4. Max contract length of five years, but an extension can be added at any time.
5. Start season January 1 with Winter Classic to kick off a 48-game season. BUT have a training camp first so everyone doesn't go out with groin injuries after the first week.

Here is a link to the Ian White quote:

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