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As a Canadian I was able to watch Sens-Pens and Preds-Sharks early tonight. I have to say I was very disappointed to see that the referees went back to last fall's calls. I agree that clutching and grabbing needs to go in the game, but a majority of the calls made in those two games tonight were absolutely ridiculous. Tootoo's hit in the first period was not a penalty, Crosby's hook was not a penalty, and those are the two that stick out in my mind.

I will give the referee's credit on Hartnell's major. They got that one right. As much as Pierre McGuire said it wasn't dirty, he clearly stuck out his knee. But other than that, the ref's should be ashamed. Let's remember that this is hockey, not the "silver ballet" that we refer to it as. There is physicality, there is some stick work, but the calls tonight were ridiculous.

Toward the end of the season, I think the referees were calling the game right. They were using their judgement and making calls that made sense. After tonight, I'm afraid that we have taken a step back as far as officiating goes.
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