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Oilers Big Day

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On Friday, I though there was going to be little or no signing by the Oilers turned out that the Oilers were one of the busyer teams. As I was listening to alot of the Brad Richard crap on TSN the Oilers were busy making there team better. He is what they did on Day one of Free Agenty

1. Cam Barker- A little risk but with a 1 year deal, he has the full one year to get his game but and it does hurt the Oilers because if he as a bad year they can let him go. He most likely will be in their Top 4 and he has size at 6'3 and 215LBs.

2. Ben Eager- Another Great pick up by the Oilers. and a guy who can pretect Hall, Eberle, RNH and the rest of the smal forwards the oilers got. He can also chip in for the odd goal as well. He is 6'2 235 LBs.

3. Darcy Hordichuk- I had a laugh when he was on TSN and was talking about smashing the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Caunck. I already like him. He is like Ben Eager in that he will be pertecting the star players. He is 6'1 and 211LBs.

4. Eric Belanger- He score 13 goal last year and was 55 percent in faceoff which was one bad spot the Oiler has last year. He should be the Oilers 3th or 4th line center next year.

5. Oilers trade Kurtis Foster to Anaheim for Andy Sutton- Ok when I heard this I was like WHAT. The only thing I like about Sutton is the Size at 6'6 245LBs but what bothers me is his age(36 years old). If he is able to play another 4 or 5 year then I like the deal but we will see.

6. Dalls Signs Sheldon "rip the Oilers" Souray- I am glad that they guy is finally out of Edmonton. I am suprised that anyone picked him up and if I was Dallas I would check every little boo-boo Souray has or he will ask for another trade.

My contacts are saying the Oilers are not done yet. The NY Rangers are trying to get Brad Richards and might move Brandon Dubinsky. The Oilers are interested in Dibinsky who 24 Goals and 30 Assist for 54 Points last year.

If anything new breaks I will be back on!

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