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The Work of Burke

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Those of you still holding a bloody stick from beating the dead horse that was the Phil Kessel trade, this is for you. All your talk about the importance of draft picks has finally come back to bite you in the buttocks.

Brian Burke is a (frank)ing magician.

Pardon my french, but did he just get 2 first round picks and a potential second for Kaberle's expiring contract? Even if you choose to argue that the Bruins received a player who is sure to re-sign and therefore they can justify giving up such assets, that's perfect! If Kaberle re-signs, that conditional pick is a guaranteed second rounder. Given that Boston was the only team we're sure Kaberle was willing to go to, it's hardly a question of whether or not he will resign.

So, Kaberle's expiring contract essentially brought in the same assets Burke gave away when he traded for Phil Kessel, two first round picks and a second rounder.

On top of this, he brings in Jake Gardiner, 17th overall in 2008, Joffrey Lupul, 7th overall in 2003, and two additional picks (1st and 3rd round) in 2011 acquired from Philly for Kris Versteeg.

I think it's only fair that the general population takes a step backwards from their criticism of Burke's work. Analysts are paid to dissect every move individually, but general managers are paid to see the big picture.

I'm glad we've got a GM who knows how to do his job.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Tomas for the blood sweat and tears he contributed to the organization over the years. He was truly a gem to watch on the blue line and I hope he's able to take his game to the next level in Boston. Most of all though, given the abuse he took in the media over the past few years, I truly appreciate his willingness to accept a trade. You could have Sundin'd us and it would've been very easy for you, thank you for helping us as you left.
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