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i gotta type this quick, even though im sick as hell.....ive been listening to sports radio all day....grammar blows all the way through so dont be a knob and point that out to me

nobody wants to see grabovski leave, but his contract sucks. his cap hit is higher than kessels right now. you cant justify that. on a 5 year deal, he had a bad year, so thats 20% of the deal not lived up to. you have to buy him out in a freak year where free agency is temporarily reborn and you have to do everything possible to trade for a top center to fill the gap.

stephen weiss doesnt make sense for toronto and i dont know why people keep saying hes an awesome choice. you have/had grabovski, bozak, kadri in the mix for your top 3 centers. thats three guys around 5"10-6"0 that perform beyond expectations if they score 60 points. if youre going to pay weiss, you may as well have kept grabovski. i dont think you can find a more similar player available. hes a center who has proven he can score 25 goals and 60 points, but hasnt done it consistently enough. weiss had a bad year last year, 4 points in 17 games..... grabovski had 3 points in 24 home games.....so they're very similar. weiss is a number 2 center and he doesnt address the size issue up the middle. that'll have to be traded for.

also, it's important to buy out grabovski so management sends the message to the other players that this contract isnt going to be a benchmark for their negotiations. (ie. bozak says "i play more than grabovski, so pay me like him"

as far as bozak earning just 5 million over 8 years.... vinny lecavalier just signed for 4.5 per over 4.....so that should lower the bar.....also, im hearing a lot of "he is your #1 center so he should make #1 center money".....thats such bullpoop. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GUY WHO PLAYS ON YOUR FIRST LINE AND A TOP 3 FORWARD. bozak is not a number one center in the nhl at this point. he plays on their top line because of chemistry with their top player. that should be seen as an amazing opportunity as opposed to a top liner's pay cheque. bozak has never been effective without kessel, and kessel players better with bozak. you just got a mulligan on the grabovski contract.....dont make the same mistake with this guy......pay him fair, but be weary of the term, because if anyone else gels with kessel, this guys role is diminished.....pascal dupuis is a great example. this guy scored 20 goals in 48 games this year, 25 goals the year prior, and played on a line with crosby. he signed a 4 year extension at 3.75 per. when they split crosby and malkin up, does that make one of them a second line player? what a stupid concept i dont know who comes up with this poop......player agents and talk show hosts just straight up drop acid together sometimes.

while it is apparent why they had to fire brian burke now, i really want to know what is up behind the scenes with leafs management......burke used to say nonis did most of the work on free agents, made a lot of the phone calls for trades......yet, all nonis has done is erase everything burke ever did.....he traded lombardi, sent down komisarek and connolly, bought out mikhail grabovski, trades for bernier when burke was all about reimer ..... i dont understand how they ever worked together if they were so far apart in terms of their ideas, or why nonis was given an opportunity to stay if he agreed with all of burkes moves.....

tyler seguins gone to dallas, didnt work out in boston eh? ready to shut the (frank) up about that kessel trade yet?

leafs have the second most cap space in the league right now next to the islanders.....but i think they also have the least amount of players signed.....so tomorrow may not be the huge day we're all expecting.....david clarksons name keeps coming up, i think you can mimic the lucic krejci horton to an extent with lupul kadri clarkson....
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