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"Dirty Mick"
Rochester, NY • United States • 27 Years Old • Male
Can the Sabres play more uninspired? What happened to the team that got the puck low and out worked everyone? One Team, One Goal... how about more team, a goal.

Jason Pomminville needs to be benched. I have never seen this kid play such a poor level of hockey. He is playing way too pretty and simply can be put in the class of Maxim right now. He's just not here, in playoff hockey Earth.

This team is not playing as a team at all. They are playing individual hockey. Once again Lindy you haven failed to address the power play, and while you are a great coach you simply have to fix this, and fix it now. Change it up completely and just shoot the damn puck on goal, no more down low cycle because we can't even get it low to begin with. You're players have developed a form of palsy that makes them spasm at the blue line and magically forget to dump it in and chase.

I'm disgusted with this team. WAKE UP, 3RD PERIOD female dogES!!!
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