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"Dirty Mick"
Rochester, NY • United States • 27 Years Old • Male

As we close the second in NY...

Posted May 1, 2007
Can the Sabres play more uninspired? What happened to the team that got the puck low and out worked everyone? One Team, One Goal... how about more team, a goal. Jason Pomminville needs to be benched. I have never seen this kid play such a poor level of hockey. He is playing way too pretty and simply can be put in the class of Maxim right now. He's just not here, in playoff hockey Earth. Th... Read More »

Using your feet to score: stupid.

Posted April 30, 2007
http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/print?id=2854004&type=story This is this story that brought about this little rant... Scott Burnside is a good hockey guy, let's get that out of the way. But of course there is a 'but' here. He claims that since players can pass the puck with the skates why not allow them to deflect it with their skates? My first reason on why not to is because this is not... Read More »

Dipietro: To Play or Not to play?

Posted April 13, 2007
After reading Garth's blog, the Islanders certainly have a problem on their hands. Ricky D, who you'd have to think when healthy, is far and away the better of the two if not a straight up world class goalie. Dubielewicz is a young, upstart guy with a lot of potential: I really like this kid, he's not afraid of anything and challenges the shooter very aggressively. But never the less you'd think D... Read More »

Roenick on PTI

Posted April 11, 2007
Jeremy Roenick was on ESPN's PTI yesterday which was kind of refreshing. While I like Kornheiser and Wilbon a lot, their complete lack on interest in hockey is a huge punch in the gut to me as a sports fan let alone a hockey fan. JR was... well JR, I liked the way he poked fun at the two for actually talking about hockey for once. The PTI guys said something interesting to JR that he agreed wit... Read More »

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Mika Kiprosov, Roberto Luongo, Danny Briere, Dominik Hasek, Tim Connoly, Pavel Demitra, Bryan Berard, Mike Madono, Marion Gabrek.

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Darcy Tucker, Alexi Yashin, Miro Satan, Ed Belfor, Marty Turco, Brad Richards.

Best Hockey Memories

May Day at the Aud, Pat Lafontaine closing the Aud, Hasek making 70+ saves against the Devils in game six of the '94 playoffs, Messier bringing the Rangers a cup, Paul Kariya in the finals getting knocked out then coming back to score the game winning goal, The Sabres 2006 playoff run, Derek Plante scoring the winner past Ron Tugnut in game 7 of the '97 playoffs.

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Buffalo Hornets, Iroquois Icemen, Team Nightmare, Team AC, Fredonia 33's, The Werewolves of London (Buffalo), Team Yeager Bombs.

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Well I'm a goalie, I probably compare to Darren Pang lol. I don't know really, hard to compare yourself to someone who is a billion times better than me.

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