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Airdrie, AB • Canada •
So thats 12. Did you see the stats on Sportsnet about Khabibulin on goals allowed? If you missed them I happened to have these stats on hand:

GA Games
2 2
3 6
4 1
5 1
6 1

So that brings him to a total of 37 goals in 11 games add today's game and that's 40 in 12. Maybe Khabby is trying to retire on some sort of high note but with numbers like this is may be tough. Maybe the team will not let him retire. Whatever the reason this is really hurting a team of youngsters looking to (re)build a team.

If this team is really looking to rebuild they need to get rid of the cancer, not the one in the dressing room but the one on the ice. If they had no problem burying Souray then burying Kahbibulin shouldn't be a problem either. It may force the man to retire and give this team a chance to work with a young goal tender that gives them a chance to win.

So now what about Dubnyk? If the Oilers were to force Khabibulin to retire who would they use for a backup? DeLauriers will never wear an Oilers jersey again, Gerber maybe but why not a guy used to backing up and picking up Mike Smith off of waivers?

So they should look at keeping Khabby as some sort of goalie coach/consultant, Dubnyk as the starter and Smith as the back up. After the end of the season re-evaluate and see what can be changed.

This is the only way this rebuild can really start.
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