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Is it time to "Souray" Khabibulin

Posted February 3, 2011
So thats 12. Did you see the stats on Sportsnet about Khabibulin on goals allowed? If you missed them I happened to have these stats on hand: GA Games 2 2 3 6 4 1 5 1 6 1 So that brings him to a total of 37 goals in 11 games add today's game and that's 40 in 12. Maybe Khabby is trying to retire on some sort of high note but with numbers like this is may be tough. Maybe the team will... Read More »

0.667 Hockey....Really?

Posted January 7, 2011
Being an Oilers' Fan for all of my life I must admit that seeing the Flames woes has given me a little bit of satisfaction. I think this is mainly because of the fact that I live in Calgary now and this is the first year since I have moved here that I haven't had to put up with listening to cocky Flames fans going on about how their perennial mediocre team was so great and how poor the Oilers wer... Read More »


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