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That was a question recently asked by an associate of mine.

Over the past few years the #Detroit Redwings have lost a considerable amount of talent (Nicklas Lidstrom, Brian Rafalski, Brad Stuart, Jiri Hudler and a few others) and haven't been able to replace those players. So the question must be asked.... "Has Ken Holland lost his mojo?"

As a lifelong Detroit Redwing fan, I have seen Ken Holland pull off some great moves. Bringing in players like Brendan Shanahan, Chris Chelios, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille and Dominik Hasek. But those days seem to be far behind us. Ken Hollard's trade for Kyle Quincey has been a bust. Signing Samuellson instead of Hudler was another poor decision. So I say again... "Has Ken Holland lost his mojo?"

Now with the traded deadline fast approaching, the Detroit Redwings are struggling to make the playoffs. Will Mr. Holland find a move that'll help this team into the playoffs? Going by recent history, I am afraid to say it... But I don't think so.

The Detroit Redwings need major help on defense. A #1 Defensemen, which is almost impossible to find. Players like Jay Bouwmeester, Keith Yandle and Brian Campbell could fill that role and would be a great help for the team. But the Wings are short of players to trade away and the aforementioned players really would be better suited for a #2 defensemen roll.

The Wings are in transition from the unstoppable force that made the playoffs every year to a team without the talent to be competitive every year. If the Wings are to return to an elite status, Ken Holland will need to make a bold move this trade deadline and in the off season (If Mr. Ilitch doesn't fire him, which may happen if the wings don't make the playoffs). Otherwise, this great storied franchise, may find it hard to even compete in the future.
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If his mojo was named Lidstrom... then yes, he lost it. Every team has an off year every once in a while and this shortened seasond is a strange one.
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First of all, the Red Wings, and the rest of the league for that matter, can no longer afford to sign several big name players like Shanahan, Chelios, Robitaille, and Hasek due to salary cap restrictions which were not in place when the Wings signed these players. As much as I love the Wings, they were the "Yankees" of hockey. Furthermore, there is still plenty of talent in this organization, but recent changes on the collective bargaining agreements have created parity in the NHL, as we are seeing with the current point totals. You will no longer see a dominate organization in the NHL like we had seen with the Wings.
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