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Kovy Conspiracy

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Ok, once again we are in a situation where Kovalchuk reigns supreme in the headlines. I thought we had finally rid ourselves of this 3 week dog an pony show. Now 17 years and a 102 million dollars on the surface seems no different then Loungo, Zetterberg, Hossa and DiPietro. But here is where you are wrong. This is different and shady all in the same breath.

Yes we all know the logistics of the deal 6 million the first two years and 11 million from years 3-7 and then a ridiculous drop off after that. It does seem similar to the other deals as they were all front loaded with very little at the back end. And we all know a guy like Kovlachuk is not going to play until he is 44. Here is an interesting thought on the 17 years. Kovalchuk only plays the game half the time so they needed to double the years to get the full return.

All fun aside, lets get to the consipracy here. Look at which team made this deal. The New Jersey Devils. There GM is Sweet Lou, and we all know dating back to the lockout he was a stuanch hardliner when in came to the NHL getting the much needed salarcap. Now all of the sudden he is handing out this monster contract. This is not Lou at all. My theory here is Lou knew damn well this contract would be rejected, and he also knew something like this would set off Bettman. Thus creating a major stir at NHL head office.

Lou knew by circumventing the CBA he would bring an end to these ridiculous deals and salary thus trying to restore some order in the CBA he fought so hard to get back in the lockout.

We all no Sweet Lou is an intelligent man and he may have just pulled the wool over the eyes of his NHL partners.

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