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Kaberle...Fantasy Stud?

Posted August 17, 2010
I have taken some time over the past week to sit back and wait to see how the Kaberle and potentially the Kovalchuk situation would play out before writing my next blog. Well one of the shoes dropped on the weekend with Kaberle remaining a Leaf. I know this has set off a firestorm in Leaf Nation as to whether this move was correct. At this point it is irrelevant because he is not going anywhere... Read More »

Will Hall have an Impact?

Posted July 31, 2010
After reading in a post today on TSN, it was identified that Taylor will not attend the summer evaluation camp for Hockey Canada. By skipping the camp by rule, he will be ineligible to play in Buffalo this Christmas. Which in turn basically states he will be playing top six minutes in Edmonton come this fall. Is this a good thing for both parties? Is Hall ready for a young and inexperienced se... Read More »

Why is Stralman SO important?

Posted July 27, 2010
Over that past few days I have heard over and over that Burke will begin to entertain offers for Kaberle once the Kovalchuk situation gets ironed out. To a certain degree I agree with this thinking, because I do believe that if the Kings do not get Kovalchuk (which I do not believe they will), then I feel that Kaberle will be a King and I truly believe Wayne Simmons will be one of the players com... Read More »

Kovy Conspiracy

Posted July 21, 2010
Ok, once again we are in a situation where Kovalchuk reigns supreme in the headlines. I thought we had finally rid ourselves of this 3 week dog an pony show. Now 17 years and a 102 million dollars on the surface seems no different then Loungo, Zetterberg, Hossa and DiPietro. But here is where you are wrong. This is different and shady all in the same breath. Yes we all know the logistics of... Read More »

Fantasy Impact on the Kovy Signing

Posted July 19, 2010
First lets all take a deep breath and say "FINALLY". We have been waiting on Kovalchuck for 19 days and quite frankly getting a little tired of this saga. With Kovy finally putting pen to paper in thr Swamp, this has already affected the fantasy hockey world. Had Kovy signed in Los Angelas as had been rumoured many times it could have been a fanatsy bonanza for may Kings players. For starter... Read More »


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