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"Skating Down an Empty Rink."
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"Dude. What. Ottawa's won like 3 games all year!"

...This is what I said via text to the Collaborator after the game.

"Yeah of all the times for us to start sucking (expletive.)"

...this is what he said back.

And really... I myself... the hockey player turned writer... haven't many other words.

The Flyers are playing worse right now than they were before John Stevens (Bless his soul) was fired. And I think the same things about this team that I did about that one:

Our coach is SOLID,
The talent is there,
The leadership is there,
I like the core we have (Then it was Richie, Carts, Gags, Timmo; Now its Richie, Carts, Giroux, Pronger and Timmo.),
I miss Antero Niittymaki,
and Something needs to happen. We need a hearty shake-up.

Unfortunately, its far to late for that.

Mid-season? maybe.
Now? NO.

Lavy won't and can't be fired.
Richie cant and WON'T be stripped of the "C",
There are no trades to be made,
No free agents to patch holes (Unless Paul Kariya wants to come back from PCS, and sign with us so we can finally cut that sack of crap Zherdev.)...

This team is on its own. For better or worse.

Despite the ongoing issues between Carts and Hartnell... Despite the ongoing issues between Pronger and the younger guys... Despite Richies "Poor" (NOT MY WORDS.) leadership... Despite the goaltending situation... They need to man up and start fixing what's wrong from within.

Richie needs to get everyone together... I don't care if he sits in the corner and doesn't say a word (and let's prongs do all the talking)... he needs to find some way to let these dudes know that this is the REAL THING and lead by example. This is what everyone says he does best.

I'm SURE everyone is saying the same things in that locker room:
that they're good enough,
that they're just impatient,
that they don't execute,
that they pass cattywampusly (my words.),
that they make allot of mental mistakes....
etc... etc...

But right now, those words can't mean anything. They're just words. It's far too late for words. They need to find some way to light a fire and bring back some of that magic from last year.

I don't know how.. but they need to do something. And not just switching out the goalies.

Because I don't want to get caught playing the Lightning in the 1st round.


We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death.. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.
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