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Pierce the Veil is one of my favorite bands (I will freely admit that I have an inordinate amount of favorite bands) and on their new album Selfish Machines, one line sort of summed up our trading of Simon Gagne for me.

Sometimes love dies like a dog.

10 seasons of astutely played hockey, and we trade him RIGHT as we stand on the verge of a cup. I admit, considering the salary cap, the deal made “business” sense, but it still kind of stings. "Hey, thanks for everything but have fun in Tampa Bay while we contend for a Cup."

Which brings me to this:

Larry Bird.

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but I am a fan of front office goings-on, so I know what the Larry Bird rule is. And I like it from both a business standpoint and a fan (I couldn’t think of anything else to call this one) standpoint. I will try to explain this as simply as possible..

The NBA has a salary cap, but teams are allowed to go over the cap if they are re-signing their own players or signing draft picks. Whatever amount the team goes over the cap has something to do with a luxury tax that is paid out. So obviously, the more you stroll past your cap ceiling, the more you pay out in luxury tax.

Now, this might just be wishful thinking, seeing as how the Flyers are so close to the cap, and Carter is up for a hefty raise (as would Gags have been) after this season, but I like the idea of a Larry Bird rule in hockey more and more every time I consider it.

I think what with Chicago’s 2010 clearance sale, Ovechkin jones-ing for a Robin to his Batman in Washington, and Bettman’s pride and joy (Sidney) barely getting by in Pittsburgh , now would be as good a time as any for the League to consider such a rule. It makes sense to me (but then again we are dealing with Gary Bettman) because there is still a cap in place to ensure some level of parity, but a Larry Bird rule would reward teams that draft well by allowing them to re-sign key players even if it meant going over the cap. Which affects the parity within the league, but the notion of a luxury tax would even that playing field in some respects.

Dear Mr. Bettman,

I don’t want us to lose Carter AND Gagne in subsequent off-seasons, just like I’m sure you don’t want Pittsburgh losing any more of their core pieces. So look into a Larry Bird rule. And make sure you keep everyone happy, because I saw a rumor today about a possible lockout in three years when the CBA is up. Gary, I swear to God, if the league locks out again, I’m going to flip nuggets. And I don’t even know what that means.

Sincerely, Shaggy.

Splendid news in Flyerland today:

Darroll Powe re-signed and Blair Betts went through successful shoulder surgery.

The Powe signing is huge as far as I’m concerned. He’s a good depth guy and plays a solid game. He’s masterful on the penalty kill.

And Bett’s situation pleases me as well. Betts is unarguably our best face-off guy and plays a two way game. He’s very team oriented and isn’t afraid to lay his body on the line (this is his third round of such surgery) He and Powe have a dominant PK thing going on.

Around the league:

- Don’t be shocked to see Kovalchuk flee to Russia. I know I wouldn’t be.

- Even though he’s been rumored to the Rangers, Flames and Kings, I doubt Jason Spezza will be dealt out of Ottawa, especially after he went on record saying he wants to stay there. You can’t trade him, even if the team is rebuilding (it is), he’s clearly a leader. It takes allot for a millionaire athlete to say “hey, I’ll lose for a few more years if it means I get to stay here.” That type of loyalty should be rewarded.

- There is word that the Capitals may be in on Sheldon Souray. I say nay. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Souray, but if Edmonton is trying to ditch him (and his salary), he’s probably not going to be a solid fit on a team as close to end of the rainbow as the Capitals. They are already close to the salary cap anyway, so I don’t see this making sense one bit.

- Rumors have the Islanders cashing in BIG late in the off-season, which I would be oddly okay with considering my heaping amount of respect for Garth Snow. Marc Savard is rumored to be in the mix on long island. I see that fit, especially if Paul Kariya (also rumored to be involved with Pittsburgh and Buffalo) comes in. That’s a solid amount of skill coming in, not to mention an unprecedented level of leadership for a talented, young team.

- I also said I wasn’t going to talk about Robert Esche until I heard more than just one rumor, but I was thinking about the prospect of him coming back, and I like it. There are people, hockey people mind you, who maintain that he is ready to make a comeback if he wants to. Quite frankly, both Shaggy and the Collaborator have no issue with this whatsoever. I just don’t expect us to kick those tires unless it becomes apparent mid season that Leighton and Boucher aren’t LEIGHTON and BOUCHER.

Text from the collaborator today:

“dude, I don’t know that I like being called ‘the collaborator. it makes me feel as though I should be lurking in the shadows with a trench coat and a bowler hat.”
duly noted, good sir. Henceforth, the collaborator shall be known as Murph..

In my last blog, which went un-featured, I noted Johan Backlund in my list of promising Flyers prospects, I would like to elaborate that I don’t necessarily consider him a prospect (namely due to his age.) But in the sense that he hasn’t played much pro hockey in North America, he’s a prospect for the sake of the list. To be honest, it might have been wrong to call that a prospect list anyway, it was more of a ‘which Phantoms have the best shot to play pro hockey next season’ list.

Totally random, and un-hockey-related, but Nick Saban sounds like a genius right now with his stance on agents and the NFL meddling in college ball. I agree with him (I never thought I’d ever say that.) Mad props.. MAD props..

Joacim Eriksson:

Hockey’s future says that there are “No sure-fire starting goaltenders” in the Flyers’ farm system. They haven’t done their research. I am shaking my head, and somewhere deep in the shadows, I’m sure Murph is shaking his dome as well (albeit, whilst holding his bowler hat, lest it fall off).

We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death.. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.
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again this is why i hate the salary cap which hurts the flyers more than anybody. Its literally the only team in the city that has an owner that will hand out money for talents players in order to win a championship yet we cant cuz of the god damn cap in the nhl..you gotta think giroux is gonna want a contract similar to what carter got before his 46 goal year 3 yrs roughy around 5. Where i dont think hell get 5 unless he has at least a 70 point campaign this year. LETS GO FLYERS!!
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exactly my point. we draft well. holmgren is a great g.m. i don't hate the cap, but i disagree with how strict it is. i agree that there needs to be some way to level the financial playing field, but we could potentially be in a situation where we lose two first round picks in two years. and we're not the only team in that situation by a long shot. some sort of larry bird rule seems like it'd work in the nhl.
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the cap is needed to keep the teams on a level field.
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