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Quite simply, Roger Daltry and the Boys from The Who (my 2nd favorite band) asked the question that I want most answered by the Philadelphia Flyers tonight... [i] ahhhh...who *#($*(#)$* are you?!?![/i] [b]Who are you? Orange Crush[/b] [img]http://cdn.nhl.com/flyers/images/upload/2008/04/washrichards4.15.jpg[/img] This is the game that decides whether you put your...
RickDixon writes...

Brooks Laich

Posted Saturday | Comments 1
I just wanted to comment on what Brooks Laich had to say about the NHL's new rules about player protection. Brooks just wants to play the game. He's tired of people telling him what he has to do in certain situations for the betterment of the players. In my opinion he couldn't be more right. Secondly I applaud him for going on record during such a tumultuous time. T...


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