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I don't know Evander Kane. I don't pretend to. I have never met the man. That of course has not kept me from forming an opinion of the young forward during his brief stint as a member of the Winnipeg Jets. This opinion I have formed has come from watching him play a full season on the ice, as well as witnessing his antics on Twitter and hearing rumours (some unfounded, some not so much) about... Read More »
There is no denying the ability of Alex Ovechkin. Size, speed, power, he has all those things. There is one thing missing from the Great 8's game. Character. With the struggles of this team over the course of this season, it has become woefully apparent that Ovechkin is not exactly what you would call a team player. He is not doing the things that brings you the accolades of your teammate... Read More »

A glimmer of hope for Jets fans

Posted February 20, 2012
So after losing against the Islanders in what most considered a must win game, the Jets have posted a road win against the Wild and two straight home wins against the Bruins and Avs. In all three of those wins they have recorded at least four goals per game. Yes, you heard me right, four goals per game. An outpouring of offense such as this is reason to celebrate in Winnipeg as Jets fans ha... Read More »
So, not that I was expecting the Jets to come out of Pittsburgh with a win yesterday afternoon, but after a defensive showing as poor as that more than a few questions are being raised. Firstly, can Dustin Byfuglien pull his head out of his posterior and play the game in a manner befitting someone receiving 5.2 million dollars a year ? Secondly, what exactly is the culture in that dressing r... Read More »
So the Winnipeg Sun has gone ahead and predicted that the Jets WILL in fact make the playoffs. They have stated that the team will go 21-8-3 after the All-Star break to reach the neccessary point total. I am not sure what the hell they are trying to do, but I know I don't like it. The city already has fallen in love with this group of players (save Evander Kane), so there is absolutely no r... Read More »


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