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Brooks Laich

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I just wanted to comment on what Brooks Laich had to say about the NHL's new rules about player protection. Brooks just wants to play the game. He's tired of people telling him what he has to do in certain situations for the betterment of the players.

In my opinion he couldn't be more right. Secondly I applaud him for going on record during such a tumultuous time. The vultures (whining media) are circling right now. With every player that goes off the ice a little woozy, the voice of that whining bunch gets a little louder. Brooks Laich's statement comes from a guy who is playing in the current NHL. If he was to come across the neutral zone with his head down and got drilled by some 230 pound defensemen that hit him with everything he had, do you know who Laich would blame ? Himself. Just like another stand up player did who is playing in todays NHL. Jonathan Toews. Toews was absolutely smoked as he stepped out of the penalty box (I believe it was against the Canucks, but I could be wrong) with his head down after just receiving the puck. You could see the little yellow birds flittering around the young Blackhawk's head. He skated, wobbly kneed, to the bench and when he got there he swore emphatically. Not at the guy who hit him......but at himself. He knows better.

Brooks Laich is not well known. He isn't flashy. But if you ask his teammates they will tell you who the real leader of that Caps dressing room is. They will tell you who plays hurt without the thought of complaining. They will tell you who, after losing game 7 in the first round of the playoffs against the Habs two years ago, stopped on the side of the road to change the tire of a woman and her child. Tell me of any other player who you think would do that in this day and age. It is these traits that give weight to Brooks Laich's words. They are grown men and they know the risks of playing the game they love.

Good on ya Brooks. I was a fan of yours after watching you play one season in Washington and your character has solidified you as one of the classiest guys in the game. People could learn a great deal from you. I wish that the vultures would listen to you......but thats not in the best interest of their careers.
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