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Beware to all the DirecTV people out there that are NHL fans. You will not see any games on Versus this year. This means that if your team plays a game on Versus, that game will not be shown on CenterIce. Versus has EXCLUSIVE broadcast rights for those games within the US and judging by the way they negotiate with satellite providers, they will not relinquish those righ...
Clarkie16 writes...

NHL on TV in the US

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
Wow, I know that Gary Bettman has been busy with the Coyotes mess, but no response from the NHL for over 2 weeks that Versus and DirecTV have split ways. This means a 25% DROP in viewership for all Versus NHL games. I wonder if the sponsors of those games are getting a discount? Here is what the Commish needs to do... 1. He needs to get Versus back on DirecTV or h...


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