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NHL on TV in the US

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Wow, I know that Gary Bettman has been busy with the Coyotes mess, but no response from the NHL for over 2 weeks that Versus and DirecTV have split ways. This means a 25% DROP in viewership for all Versus NHL games. I wonder if the sponsors of those games are getting a discount?

Here is what the Commish needs to do...
1. He needs to get Versus back on DirecTV or he must include the Versus feed as part of the CenterIce package.
2. He needs to get Comcast Philly and other missing Comcast channels on Satellite. This is how NHL hockey and hockey news gets out. ESPN doesn't show any hockey highlights, but the local Comcast channels do.... Highlights = exposure.
3. He needs to get Versus as part of the standard lineup for all major hotel chains in the United States. I travel often for work and I have yet to find ANY hotel that carries Versus.

Only 3 things to accomplish Mr Commissioner...shouldn't be too hard!
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