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"The NHL and Flyers"
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Flyers Season Preview

Posted September 26, 2009
With the homestretch coming for the season, here are some predictions for the Flyers. 1. The Pronger trade will prove to be a great move for the Flyers. He creates the matchup advantage that the Flyers have not had for years. Teams can try to avoid Pronger at home, but they will likely get Timonen as the matchup. Not what they want either. My suggestion is to split the 3 top defenders (Pro... Read More »

Just one short week....

Posted September 25, 2009
Only 7 days until the NHL season kicks off with all the teams in action. I am so looking forward to the drop of the puck as the 2009-10 season gets underway. As a long time Flyers fan, the additions of Pronger, Emery and Boucher has me very excited! I am a firm believer in pecking order within a team. Teams that can maintain their pecking order during the season and the playoffs win. What... Read More »

Flyers lineup for Game 1 - Prediction

Posted September 21, 2009
I think the team for game 1 barring injuries will be... [b]Centers:[/b] Richards, Carter, Giroux, Betts [b]Wings:[/b] Gagne, Hartnell, Asham, Lapierre, JVR, Powe, Bell, Briere [b]Defense:[/b] Pronger, Timonen, Coburn, Carle, Jones, Parent, Toleffson. Syvret makes the team if they can trade Randy Jones. He needs to play and would be called up in a long term situation instead of Tole... Read More »

NHL on TV in the US

Posted September 15, 2009
Wow, I know that Gary Bettman has been busy with the Coyotes mess, but no response from the NHL for over 2 weeks that Versus and DirecTV have split ways. This means a 25% DROP in viewership for all Versus NHL games. I wonder if the sponsors of those games are getting a discount? Here is what the Commish needs to do... 1. He needs to get Versus back on DirecTV or he must include the Versus... Read More »

The Flyers are successful if...

Posted September 9, 2009
In order for a successful season for the Flyers some of the following items must be true [b]Forwards:[/b] Claude Giroux continues to become a star pivot and develop chemistry with Briere. Briere must be healthy and an offensive force that we signed 2 years ago. Richards needs to be more focused on being a shutdown center. [b]Defense:[/b] Pronger and Parent become a pair and they domi... Read More »