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http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=361796&page=NewsPage&service=page Dear Therrien, You're full of shit and I'm pretty sure Crobsy knows it. Typical taht he has someone ELSE stand up for him, but really you wouldn't deny it so animately if it wasn't true. Questionable penalty, you won. What's the issue? Everyone knows he dove. ~S I mean really...
[b]DIVING IN THE NHL: IS IT A PROBLEM? [/b] The idea for today’s blog came from a friend of mine in the Chat room that I visit whose name is Brent: Diving: is it a problem, and can something be done about it? [b]What is the infraction Diving?[/b] Well I downloaded the NHL rulebook and found the infraction under 64.1, and I quote (and yes I don’t have much of ...
This blog is a project with Tyler, a good friend of mine, who is a blogger from hockeydigest.com. You can follow him at twitter at http://twitter.com/nhldigest. I highly recommend you follow him; he has a great hockey mind. I am tired of the diving, especially in the playoffs. What drives me nuts is the inconsistency in calling the penalty. So here's the question: ...


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