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Dear Therrien,
You're full of poop and I'm pretty sure Crobsy knows it. Typical taht he has someone ELSE stand up for him, but really you wouldn't deny it so animately if it wasn't true. Questionable penalty, you won. What's the issue? Everyone knows he dove.


I mean really do Pens fans actually believe that he isn't known for taking a dive or two? Crosby doens't need any more help than he already gets from refs, and you can't say he doesn't get preferential treatment (don't hate, he's not the only one in the league...look at AO)...don't be upset because someone is calling the refs out for it. He should be called if he deserves it and I hope I can have faith in the refs to do so.

In other news, Marty Biron was fabulous. I'll admit that I had my doubts all season, especially after shootout loses. Last night, though, he kept the Flyers in the game. Last nights game was messy on all sides. It was a game for goalies and Price was not up forthe challenge, or perhaps his defense wasn't on two of those goals.

I would say the Flyers didn't play all that well necessarily. They need to stop being so cautious defensively. They seem to have found Price's weak spot with those two top shelf shots and it was nice to get some production out of Umberger again.

Penalties: 2 1/2 left in the third and you call just Kostopoulus and Upshall...not Koivu...that one was confusing to me and very generous of the refs.

Lastly...what the hell was with attacking us after Umberger scored. That just makes you look pathetic.

we won. Biron was better. Game three comes home to Philly. Act accordingly. And don't worry, we won't throw beer on you in the penalty box, or burn down our town after we win...we will be loud and oboxious to return the favor.

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