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On Philly and Buffalo and Whining

Posted April 25, 2011
I know I haven't really spoke up on here all season but I am now. I'm sick of both teams whining about each other. Both teams have been dealt some bad breaks and some uneven and/or make up calls. When it comes right down to it, it doesn't matter. The Flyers can whine all they want about games 1 and 5 and being over penalized but the fact is that they didn't score a single goal and in my mi... Read More »

On Suspensions and Colin Campbell

Posted April 17, 2009
I have to admit that when Campbell issued a "warning" to the Flyers last season about injuring players I was pretty pissed. The spent the rest of the season paying for it with penalty after penalty. Pretty brutal to put a team under the microscope a month before playoffs. I thought that they were getting too involved but figured it was a one time thing. Needless to say I was pretty pissed when... Read More »
Greetings hockey fans! I'm back from my summer hockey hiatus and ready to get down to the business. I have to say that I'm sick of rumors about Sundin and don't even mention Forsberg. This time of year prompts a lot of speculation which in the end is generally useless. We're coming down to the wire and everyone wants to get their 2 cents in but there are only a few sure things. [b]Here ar... Read More »
...Kimmo Timmonen out with a blood clot in his foot...and all of a sudden people go from being extremely hopeful to completely defeated. What is wrong with you people!?! ...I love Timmonen, I really do. He is honestly one of the best defenseman I've ever seen and he has been nothing short of spectacular in the playoffs so far. The main factor that AO wasn't on a scoring rampage, a key contri... Read More »
Well now....I've been thinking about this series and reading up on what all the "experts" have been saying and I've made up my mind. I'm pretty sure having the experts vote is the kiss of death anyway...so let them predict away (they are after all, the ones who said Habs in 5). The way I see it, the Pens have really coasted through the playoffs. They haven't been challenged so far so it's hard... Read More »

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