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First off, while I love broadcasting legend Bob Cole, Mike Emrick of NBC and Devils radio is the best in the business at the moment. I love the creativity and dark tones Emrick brings to the games, while his sidekicks, Eddy Olczyk and Pierre Mcguire are always amusing and insightful. I say this as I enjoy taking in the NBC game of the week: Pens V. Caps! Sure to be a b...
devilsfAAn1 writes...

So Long Doc

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
After 20 Years of announcing...Mike "Doc" Emrick has decided to step down from his position of the Devils' Play By Play announcer. What does this lead to? Who will be the guy to replace him? Steve Cangilosi? Matt Loughlin? We still have former goalie Glenn "Chico" Resch. But what does the future have in store? Good Bye Doc. We will miss you!
Doc Emrick announced earlier today that his 21 year hall-of-fame run as the play-by-play announcer for the New Jersey Devils television broadcast has come to its end. The 64 year old has grabbed the hearts of so many Devil's fans through the years with his distinctive nasally voice and his tremendous ability to keep any hockey game entertaining. What will be missed just ...


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