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Let's examine the attendance issue of the Predators and the Economic Impact they have on downtown Nashville. Here are the stats. (Taken from ESPN) (Past 7 seasons, All attendance not just paid attendance, Titans and Preds) Titans GP Total Attendance 69,143 5 345,715 (thru 5 home games this season) 69,143 8 553,144 69,149 8 553,192 68,901 8 551,208 68,809 8 550,472...
Lightningtaz24 writes...

Predators Improvements?

Posted Wednesday | Comments 9
Now that it looks like the Preds sell will actually go to the Local Ownership group, lead by David Freeman, I am interested to hear from you Pred fans as to what moves you think they will make and what moves you would like to see them make. I am referring to on-ice personnel, of course. If you would like to share your ideas on what they should do off-ice as well those comm...


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