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Let's examine the attendance issue of the Predators and the Economic Impact they have on downtown Nashville. Here are the stats. (Taken from ESPN)
(Past 7 seasons, All attendance not just paid attendance, Titans and Preds)

Titans GP Total Attendance
69,143 5 345,715 (thru 5 home games this season)
69,143 8 553,144
69,149 8 553,192
68,901 8 551,208
68,809 8 550,472
68,804 8 550,432
68,799 8 550,392
68,964 53 3,654,555

Preds GP Total Attendance
14,493 9 130,437 (Thru 9 home games this season)
15,259 41 625,619
14,428 41 591,548
13,177 40 527,080
13,228 41 542,348
14,788 41 606,308
15,824 41 648,784
14,457 254 3,672,124

Lets take a look at a couple of things here. First notice the total number of fans that attended games in 7 years for both the Titans and the Preds. The Preds - 3.67 million fans in 7 years, Titans - 3.65 million fans in 7 years. That number alone says a lot. Even though football is more popular, the Preds still have a huge economic impact on downtown Nashville. One could even make the argument that the Preds have more of an economic impact on Nashville. Let me go a little deeper here. Look at the total number of games played. Preds 254 in 7 years, Titans 53 in seven years. Even though the average attendance is much higher for the Titans, there are many less opportunities for fans to roam the streets of downtown Nashville. With that being said, look at the total games played number as being opportunities for downtown businesses to draw their income, aka Economic Impact.

One of the upper hand items that the Titans have on the Preds is the parking situation. The Titans have their own parking lot. The Preds rely on a small parking area and local businesses that offer their employee parking for Preds fans, lets be realistic here and say that there are a lot of fans that also park in these same areas for Titans games as well but, back to the numbers. Look at the number of times that Preds fans have to park as opposed to the number of times that Titans fans have to park. Is that not huge Economic Impact for the business owners of downtown who lease out their parking lots? Let's be perfectly clear here. Nashville can not afford to loose the Predators, EVER! Wake up and smell the ice Nashville! You complain about the government crapping on the middle-class but, you want to turn around and do the same thing to your fellow middle-class small-business-owners by urging the Preds out of Nashville! If the Preds ever leave it will kill the downtown business district. Look what the lockout did. It closed several small-businesses. This happened just because they did not have the opportunity to earn your business. Now we all know those that are reading this are hockey fans and know that what I am saying is the truth but, I just need to get this off my chest. I've been beat down by all the ignorant football only fans and I'm tired of it. I just want the statistics out there to back up what I already thought was the case.

Just for giggles, lets put a dollar figure to the total number of fans visiting downtown Nashville during Titans and Preds games. Ready? Let us say that the average fan spends $10 at a game, some spend a lot more and some spend none but, on average $10. The Economic Impact for the Preds, 36.7 Million dollars and for the Titans 36.5 Million dollars. Sure, the Titans get more bang at one time but, the Preds give you the steady dollars over an extended period of time. Ask yourself what you would rather have. A lot up front or a reasonable amount delivered equally over a long period of time or does it really make a difference? They are both bringing a huge impact on downtown.

One last thing, lets look at Chicago. They are an Original Six hockey team. One would think a good model for the Preds, right? Wrong! Here are the stats.

Hawks GP Total Attendance
13,449 11 147,939 (thru 11 home games)
12,727 41 521,807
13,318 41 546,038
13,253 41 543,373
14,794 41 606,554
15,568 41 638,288
14,996 41 614,836
14,015 257 3,618,835

Wow, look at that! In individual seasons, the Blackhawks have drawn more fans in only 3 seasons. The Preds average attendance in 7 years is better than Chicago's! But, is anyone talking about sending them to Canada or contracting them? Nope! Just thought I would throw that out there.

Thanks to the Local group, led by David Freeman, and the Mayor of Nashville, Karl Dean, for reaching an agreement that looks to keep the Predators where they belong, Nashville, TN. The board of Governors should be voting on this deal this week, so things are looking up for the local ownership group getting in the front office soon. Maybe the Preds can get a couple of win streaks going and be right in the mix of things and make some moves at the trade deadline to vault this team into the later rounds of the Playoffs.

Hope everyone had Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless all and remember the Sean Taylor (Washington Redskins) family in this time of sadness!

Football Fan, Hockey Fan, and Davidson County Taxpayer
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Just for giggles, lets put a dollar figure to the total number of fans visiting downtown Nashville during Titans and Preds games. glass repair
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