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Preds UFAs and RFAs for this season

Posted January 16, 2008
Well, it's coming down to crunch time before the trade deadline and already we have been bombarded with rumours about us getting a guy and them getting a lot of our guys. If you are like me, you have probably thought about what the numbers are and who is in the mix. Well, technically everyone is in the mix (e.g. Vokoun) but, I thought I would give the info on who our UFAs and RFAs are and what t... Read More »

Great News for Preds fans!!!!!

Posted December 7, 2007
This is great news for the Pred faithful! Spending money to lock up some key players (Legwand) and the sell of the team going to the local group is now official. I would expect Erat and Dumont's signings to follow. Those two guys are key to that top line right now. Rads is not too far behind them. We better get him locked up before he becomes too hot of a commodity. There is a lot of talent that w... Read More »

Predators Improvements?

Posted November 28, 2007
Now that it looks like the Preds sell will actually go to the Local Ownership group, lead by David Freeman, I am interested to hear from you Pred fans as to what moves you think they will make and what moves you would like to see them make. I am referring to on-ice personnel, of course. If you would like to share your ideas on what they should do off-ice as well those comments are welcomed too. Read More »
Let's examine the attendance issue of the Predators and the Economic Impact they have on downtown Nashville. Here are the stats. (Taken from ESPN) (Past 7 seasons, All attendance not just paid attendance, Titans and Preds) Titans GP Total Attendance 69,143 5 345,715 (thru 5 home games this season) 69,143 8 553,144 69,149 8 553,192 68,901 8 551,208 68,809 8 550,472 68,804 8 550,432 68,79... Read More »

When will the Nashvillians remember?

Posted November 19, 2007
Question!!!!! When will the Nashvillians remember that they (the taxpayers) paid Bud Adams to bring a football team here that cost 18 times more than what it will cost to keep the Preds here? Refer to the excerpt below. "A deal between the Houston Oilers and Nashville was announced in November 1995. The stadium would seat 67,000, with 120 luxury suites and 9,600 premium seats. Adams would not... Read More »


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