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DirtyMick34 writes...

Roenick on PTI

Posted Wednesday | Comments 1
Jeremy Roenick was on ESPN's PTI yesterday which was kind of refreshing. While I like Kornheiser and Wilbon a lot, their complete lack on interest in hockey is a huge punch in the gut to me as a sports fan let alone a hockey fan. JR was... well JR, I liked the way he poked fun at the two for actually talking about hockey for once. The PTI guys said something interesting...
CaptShark writes...

The Sharks New Old Guy !

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
Alright snap out of it people. Yes , the San Jose Sharks did sign Jeremy Roenick. Many are asking Why ?, Where will he fit in ?, Can he still play ? The answers to those questions are..... [b]Why ?[/b] Plain and simple, "Veteran Presence". This is something San Jose has lacked. Not to say they have not had quality vets on the team in the past, but a 9 time All Star, ...
bagasome writes...

Shanahan to Test Open Market

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
Larry Brooks, of the New York Post is reporting, Brendan Shanahan has apparently told his agent to consider all open offers. Shanahan told his agent he is tired of waiting for a roster spot to open up with the Rangers. It looks like he will probably not be going back to the Rangers then. Shanahan has always been considered an offensive threat, but as he has aged he has ...


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