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Larry Brooks, of the New York Post is reporting, Brendan Shanahan has apparently told his agent to consider all open offers. Shanahan told his agent he is tired of waiting for a roster spot to open up with the Rangers. It looks like he will probably not be going back to the Rangers then.

Shanahan has always been considered an offensive threat, but as he has aged he has become more of a power-play specialist. Shanahan was making two and a half million, but one would have to think he will take a pay cut in order to play this season. The changing economic conditions around the world have all the NHL teams tightening up, especially in the new salary cap era. Teams that may consider Shanny would have to be those that have injury issues or need desperate power-play or offensive help. Shanahan will be 40 in January so any deal will probably be for one or two years maximum.

Looking around the league at teams with players his age, San Jose's Jeremy Roenick stands out. Roenick is making 1.1 million, so one would have to think Shanny's salary would probably be around what Roenick is making where ever he ends up. Pittsburgh would be a nice fit for Shanny as they continue to struggle to find offense from anyone who is not named Malkin or Crosby. Shanny would look nice in a jersey he once wore, the new look Whaler uniform (Carolina). The Hurricanes are struggling on the power-play, early on this year, and he would definitely help them there. The 'Canes also have plenty of salary cap room. Other ideas? Feel free to post them in the comments section.

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