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Well last night I talked about how Versus was leaving me in the dark by showing the Canucks game (a move that paid off well) instead of the Wild game, but really that decision isn't Versus problem, it's the NHL's. This time of the year there is four games every night, it's definetly the most exciting time of the season. The NHL should take advantage of that by showing off ...
A HockeyBuzz Q & A with Sabres Prospect & Hometown Hero Tim Kennedy. INTRO SC07: Tim do you have a couple minutes? TK: Sure whats up. SC07: I wanted to ask you a few questions for HockeyBuzz. TK: Thats fine. THE PLAYER SC07: Who is your favorite player? TK: Vincent Lecavalier SC07: Do you pattern your game after him? TK: Yep SC07: Whe...
Well what a day it was today, I worked nearly 12 hours between two food industry jobs and brought in well over $100 in tips, yeehaw! However, the glory of the day was when I saw a gigantic young man walk into Domino's. I looked at him and thought 'wow, he's really big.' I looked at the pizza that said 'John' on it and said, "Are you John?" he said "Yes." I said "John Scott...


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