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Well last night I talked about how Versus was leaving me in the dark by showing the Canucks game (a move that paid off well) instead of the Wild game, but really that decision isn't Versus problem, it's the NHL's. This time of the year there is four games every night, it's definetly the most exciting time of the season. The NHL should take advantage of that by showing off as many of those games as posible. They had the chance to do that with three West Coast teams making the playoffs. By simply putting Vancouver and Anaheim on different nights we would get a double header each of the first four days of the playoffs. Instead we only get two days of Versus double headers, then on Saturday and Sunday NBC is helping us out.

To make matters worse Yahoo is only broadcasting a game every other day meaning for those of us stuck in Michigan, we get only one game tonight! That one game is going to be quite the show though, at least it should be. FSN Detroit, Versus and CBC are all channels I have access to here with my normal cable package. Tonight they'll all be showing off the Detroit Red Wings as they dominate Calgary. AHH!
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April 12, 2007 1:43 PM ET | Delete
Don't count those Flames out just yet. Kipper has heated up at the right time and I think they'll make some serious noise in this series. These teams split their 4 meetings in the regular season. Go Flames!
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